Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quilting again!

Okay I have done it!! I have dusted off my machine and started quilting again! What made me do it you ask? Well I got an invitation to Connecting Threads new FREE online quilting community and of course I had to poke my head in to see exactly what it was! So I did and they had a cute group to make table runners! The book we are using is: Let's Do Lunch by Atkinson . First I have to say this is One FABULOUS book if your looking for quick projects ....secondly I was in DESPARATE need of a new table runner...the lace doily looking thing had to go! So there it was, exactly what I was looking needless to say I have joined this great group of people and I am having a ball! Its been 2 years since I have really sewn, got kinda burnt out for awhile so I stepped back and relaxed. Now I am at it again, so you'll start seeing a mixture of Cards, Layouts and quilts! So I leave you with new quilttop....I will finish it and post it when it is off to wash the fabrics for my DD's Cowgirl quilt!

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Vee said...

Very cute! I can't wait to see more of your work.