Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Harvest!

So on a recent trip through Archivers I found this fabulous stamp by Northwoods....I thought it was just so cute! And then while surfing online at one of my favorite shops , My Favorite things , I found this uber cute fence die.....and when the two colide you get this card! Love it!!! May have to keep this one for awhile...I really like it! hehe

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Here are a few things I have made over the past couple of weeks I have more but didn't take photo's....the photo of the Hot Air Balloon is a soar spot see we had the Spirit of Boise Balloon Festival about a week ago..the paper said it would do the night glow after sun down, so we headed out with plenty of daylight to spare and when we got there this was the only balloon left , as they did the show early and the other balloonist was packing up....I was so upset and then to boot some guy ran across my shot! Bad night indeed. Oh well...we then piled the kids in the car and headed to Rockies Diner and sucked down some fabulous Shakes.

The New Photo

The photo uptop of my blog is one that we took on our little "staycation" a few weeks ago....we headed out to Lowman and then onto Stanley, Ketchum and Sun Valley Idaho...well we saw this little carve out along the road and thought what a gorgeous picture that would make! And I think so! What do you think? Those are the Grand Jean Mountains. Total Beautiful Idaho! Enjoy.