Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve

What a wonderful time of the year. It is my favorite. This year will be a little different for my family as my eldest daughter just had a major nose surgery and a wisdom tooth pulled all in one! It was quite extensive and lasted 6 1/2 hours, but now she will be able to breath so nicely and her nose is going to be gorgeous. But for now she is bandaged, brusied and in a bit of pain.

It is something she has wished for for years, Merry Christmas baby! She is so glad she had it done. Thursday is her big reveal, the bandages come off and her new nose, albeit will be swollen will be what she's waited for!

Here's a picture of our tree this year, the girls did a fine job with ornaments and DH did a great job with the lights. Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 14, 2007

My Christmas cards.

Here are my 2007 Christmas cards. I was able to make 50 cards from ONE that's right ONE paperpack of Close to my Heart Paper packs. This is made from Everlasting Paperpack, CTMH Inks and CTMH Stampset Let us adore Him. I love the way they turned out. I had alot off using my CTMH distressing set...OMHECK it was so much fun! If you haven't seen, touched or used one yet, you just have to! So much stuff and so much fun to use! Check out my website and look under Accessories, then distressing tools. If you have any questions about my cards just email me....


Friday, December 07, 2007

My New Do!

So I got really tired of my hair looking all funky so I went to my hair dresser and look what she put together! I totally LOVE IT! I love the way my hair matches my eyes, Reddish brown. Yep my eyes are reddish brown. Tell me what do you think????????????????

Sunday, November 25, 2007

2 Posts in one day! Oh my!!!

I just cropped the photo's from our Thanksgiving feast at my sisters place. She is setteling in and her place looks so adorable! Here we are having a great day!

Me and my family

The Turkey, my sister, my sister with my family.

Can't get enough............

Christmas cards!!!!!! I keep making them! I just can't stop! LOL!! So here is a card made from those wonderful McGill punches! This is a leaf that just so happened to make a great wreath!
The second card is made with my new infatuations....scalloped edges! Enjoy!

Monday, November 12, 2007

It's beginning to look alot like.............

Christmas! I have been making a few items to put under the tree and wanted to share with you a few of them! The purse and bookmarks are not my original idea, just the colors and patterns. I have scraplifted the templates. The journaling block is for a swap I am in , to fun! Enjoy!
(All papers, Inks and Stampsets are CTMH!)

Friday, November 02, 2007

A card

Just wanted to show a card I just made that I am still trying to think If I like! But here it is anyhoo! What do you think?

Monday, October 15, 2007

A scrappy weekend

Well after my sister dragged me and the kids through a million stores, she said only two when we started out trip, oh, and two of them were Costco and Wally world on a Saturday, need I say more???? I finally got home and got to scrap....yep that is right, no interuptions either! I was working on Grand Opening Challenges and here are a few of the things I came up with.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hi friends! Just wanted to take a moment to ask ....Have you had your Mammogram Scheduled yet? Early Dectection Saves lives!

Almost a decade ago I was blessed to know two wonderful ladies and formed a friendship with them....Debbie, my sewing buddy and wonderful crafter , Woman, Wife, Mom and Grandma. Very young at the age of 38 her life was cut short from her second bout of breast cancer......I miss you Debbie, I am glad I had the chance to know you.

And Laura, wow, what a fabulous person. She had the most infectuous laugh! When she walked into a room and smiled you knew you just met a good friend. Laura also battled her second bout and it took her life as well.....She left behind a husband and two young children, You are soarly missed Laura.

It has been a few years since they both passed within a month of each other, but if you were to ask them they would tell you to schedule your mamogram, do self breast exams and that early detection is the key. I have been forever touched by these two ladies.....I am a better person for knowing them...................

I just made this card today in their honor, thank you for looking. The quote on the card reads:

"Do not be afraid of tomorrow; God is already there."

This card is currently up for vote! Visit and cast your vote!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

My Stuff...................

Lately I have visited the blogs of VERY talented Scrappers and I guess I just didn't think about sharing my stuff via here is some art work I have recently completed and it is just a hodgepodge of order, no particular order....just for your viewing pleasure....from now on, I'll make sure I post some fun stuff too! Thanks so much for looking! come back soon!

Alright, so who unplugged my thinking cap? Gosh I am in need of some help! I have been struggling all day to upload my photo's to this blogger and I tell you it wouldn't let me post! Well DUH my popup blocker was locked!

Friday, October 05, 2007


Not the water kind, the internet kind.....I have been surfing alot of crafty blogs. I am loving all the inspiration! So I have decided I need to upload some of the stuff that is coming from all this surfing.

As for life right now, we have been pretty busy just doing general life stuff. All good. We are still waiting for an apartment to open up so Mom can move out here....she has been on the waiting list for this wonderful place now since April! WOW it is taking so long....but I guess when God says go that is when it will be!

Speaking of God, our church building is almost ready to move into! Just 3 more services. Can't wait to see it all finished up! It is going to be wonderful especially all the space. God is good!

Anyhoo, I wanted to get this up , I have neglected my Blog for a few weeks and hope to get better about it!

Here ya go!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I love History. I love all the stuff that goes with not necessarily the war part of it...the homes, bedding, kitchen novelties, just to imagine about the people that filled those homes. I love looking at all the crafts too....however for them it wasn't crafts, Quilts and rugs were made for necessity. Not like now, where we have big machines to make them for us and make them in so many different colors as well!
This past weekend Our History Museum came to life and the opened the First log cabin and the home of the mayor of 1800's! WOW it was cool! So here are some photo's to enjoy! I hope you can see what I do when I look at all this stuff....How lucky we have it.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Time Flies

Where did the time go? End of summer? A new year in school....thats my sweeties on the first day!!!!!!!!!!!!My baby turning 14! HolyMoly! I guess that this means I am getting older............ sigh.............. better preserved perhaps? LOL!!!

Well my DH did it. He wrecked on the ATV....and boy was it a mess, We have a Honda Forman and he did, well the tree did $2,800 worth of damage! OUCH! He said that at the last minute and hand reached down and pulled him off....he and his buddy (these two always find trouble) said that had he not fallen off at that moment and joined the 4 wheeler hitting the trees he would be here today.....Well how am I suppose to feel about that??? We took it to the shop that very next day and I didn't even have time to get a photo....Dang, that would have made a great layout and a small reminder to him to be careful!

The kids are back to routines and loving school this year. I remember the first few weeks of school, the new supplies, new clothes, new friends. I miss those days of innocence, however nowadays there is NOTHING innocent about teens. Seriously, don't parents take note of how some of these kids are dressing? FlipFlops for crying in a on earth can you run in those things if there was an emergency?
Speaking of FlipFlops, I was growning up in the 80's era, and back then we called those Thongs....So I was shopping with my Senior and I said , "OH COOL!!! Look at these Thongs!"
She about died of embarassment and gently reminded me they were flip flops, thongs were now underware. Floss I call them, how can anyone where those things????????Speaking of summer, before school started we took the kids to a local hotel and went swimming all evening and had a blast, here is a family photo of us at Red Robin dining Al Fresco........

and one of Me and the DH, my FAVORITE.

I feel sorry for this generation....They lose their innocence early on, pushed into really bad clothing, or lack there of.....take Brittany for instance. I don't think she is fat AT ALL!!! I wished I looked that good after my 2 kids~! When do we say ENOUGH with these selfproclaimed authorities???? How much more damage can they do to her? Does she really deserve it? NO, her clothing was not appropriate to my liking....but come on, she looks very healthy ....I am sick to death of the tabloids and big mouths criticizing women because they are not walking sticks....who said that looks sexy? Brittany Baby, you look really nice, cover up tho, it is not appropriate. And to those bag of bones that people look up to as goddesses, eat a burger for crying in a bucket. I love the more curvier figures of healthy gals better then those whispy transparent waffers.
Okay so if you haven't jumped onto my site go take a look! Every day in the month of September there will be a fun tip! And register to win a BASKET full of goodies! Link on the right hand side of this blog!
Okay so enough of my soapbox. I have to get to cleaning....a clean heart and a clean house are two of my favorite things! Happy Thursday friends!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Here is the our home celebrating my sisters 45th birthday! She is in the pink......

Finally, our rental passed all inspections and my sister can finally move in!

This has been one long summer! We started out trying to remodel the home that was already there (mobile home) but as we dived into it we quickly realized it was to far to the dump it went. We found another and had it moved on....after getting it all set up we saw plumbling problems...hired a guy and now it is done and I just got the final inspection! YEAH!!!

The girls and I helped my sister move some of her stuff in , she is NOT a good packer! LOL!! Onesie twosie stuff and a million trips later. I have decided at 42, I am not gonna help anyone move anymore.....HIRE SOMEONE will be my advice.

We are coming to a close for summer and I felt like it flew by and the girls didn't get to do much. I think it is because this is the first year we didn't put up a pool because of all the moving year we definitely will. So we are off doing school shopping, shoe shopping all that fun stuff. Next week is registration which will keep us busy for a few days!

Little one gets to go to the Outreach clinic in a couple of weeks to see the progress of her spine surgery...and her legs....maybe we will learn more? Xrays are this week for that appointment....she has really become a trooper with all these visits. What a way to spend your tween years.

I have been having alot of fun with scrapping and cardmaking lately....I love to be creative and this is one way to do it! Can't wait to finally have my yardsale and get rid of a bunch of junk in my shop so I can get ahold of my fabric again! I am in a quilting mood...ususally am in the Fall, and want to make a few things.

Well cyber friends, I must get going....pencils, erasers and paper is calling me....well the kids are too! Tootles!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Stampede Rodeo!!!

Wow! We took the kids to the Stampede. The Indoor Rodeo and was it wonderful.
The only part the girls didn't like was the Roping segment....they didn't like seeing the baby calfs being tied up. The FUNNIEST thing was they had these mini wagons with a team of like 6 horses and one of the axels and wheels fell off of the rear of the wagon! The guy kept going!
We were definitely amazed at the bull riding. I love the Rodeo life. This will become a yearly event!

We took my sister that wasn't exactly enthuzed at going but came and ended up having a good time........hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm perhaps it was the really nice wranglers we were looking at! LOL!

Now on a kid note....OH Man!! It is expensive to graduate High School! $300 bucks for Senior photos! WOW! But it is worth it. Along with that comes many expenses so we are figuring about $1000 for expenses. Glad she isn't a twin! lol!!!

On a business note, I am really excited! CTMH is coming out with tons of New products with the Fall / Winter catalog and lots of new tools too! I can tell I am going to be broke! Just can't wait to get a catalog in my hot little hands! Check out my webpage if your interested in great products!

Anyway, on the homefront we are pluggin along. We had to trash the mobile that was on the land that we own, to much work so we have bought another to put on...that is really about it for the big to do's in homefront news. Pretty boring huh?