Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New York Parties from the 60's-70's...

They are the best. And if you were someone you were at those parties!!! They got together for anything they could claim party worthy! LOL!! If you have never experienced one of those parties, you really missed was bigger then any SuperBowl of today!!!!!

Remember the ugly kit I had to use up well this is the almost last of it and I must say I actually ended up liking you see! you just have to try it first!!!!

So this layout of my Nona (my maternal Grandmother) is from the 60' is in the basement of our home in New York. Back then any occassion they could have a party they did. And I am here to tell you it was always first class. I am talking those fancy plastic cups that now I see on alot of scrapping paper that is retro! The punch bowls, trays and trays of homemade cooking combined with deli trays. All the girls and ladies were dressed up with dresses, hose and heels and definitely a new do from the "beauty parlor" as it was called back then....and the men, oh suits of course! all the furniture was against the walls , extra folding chairs brought in, banquet tables against the walls , a band in the corner, which usually consisted of a Drumset, accordian and some keys. All played by cousins and uncles! Kids were running around and adults were laughing their heads off! And dancing ,.....all night long. My Nona would dance with anyone that would let her lead! Oh those were the days!!!!!!!!! I can still remember them vividly in my memory. I just wish those types of parties stilled exsisted. How I miss those days. Anyway. In the photo's are my Nona ( the one with that BIG smile!) and Zia Maritsa, my Nona's Niece and my Zio Angelo (uncle) who was married to my Zia (aunt) Tilda...yep that is where I got my name. Anyhow, Zio Angelo was an AWESOME person but is no longer with us and I miss him dearly.....there he is looking like Dean Martin.....Memories

Next up is a LO of my DD, just loved how she looked this delicate....she had a luau at school and one of the aides made this for her head....she wore it all day!

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Linda said...

I love what you have done with the 'ugly kit' :) I left you something on my blog