Sunday, July 22, 2007

Stampede Rodeo!!!

Wow! We took the kids to the Stampede. The Indoor Rodeo and was it wonderful.
The only part the girls didn't like was the Roping segment....they didn't like seeing the baby calfs being tied up. The FUNNIEST thing was they had these mini wagons with a team of like 6 horses and one of the axels and wheels fell off of the rear of the wagon! The guy kept going!
We were definitely amazed at the bull riding. I love the Rodeo life. This will become a yearly event!

We took my sister that wasn't exactly enthuzed at going but came and ended up having a good time........hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm perhaps it was the really nice wranglers we were looking at! LOL!

Now on a kid note....OH Man!! It is expensive to graduate High School! $300 bucks for Senior photos! WOW! But it is worth it. Along with that comes many expenses so we are figuring about $1000 for expenses. Glad she isn't a twin! lol!!!

On a business note, I am really excited! CTMH is coming out with tons of New products with the Fall / Winter catalog and lots of new tools too! I can tell I am going to be broke! Just can't wait to get a catalog in my hot little hands! Check out my webpage if your interested in great products!

Anyway, on the homefront we are pluggin along. We had to trash the mobile that was on the land that we own, to much work so we have bought another to put on...that is really about it for the big to do's in homefront news. Pretty boring huh?


alli_scraps said...

great the ones of the family!!!!!!!

Angela Prieto said...

Great photos!!!

Jane said...

Oh Love the photos! I would love to go to a real rodeo!

Linda said...

Cool photos, I enjoy watching the rodeo/bull riding on tv. Glad you all had a wonderful time.