Friday, October 12, 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hi friends! Just wanted to take a moment to ask ....Have you had your Mammogram Scheduled yet? Early Dectection Saves lives!

Almost a decade ago I was blessed to know two wonderful ladies and formed a friendship with them....Debbie, my sewing buddy and wonderful crafter , Woman, Wife, Mom and Grandma. Very young at the age of 38 her life was cut short from her second bout of breast cancer......I miss you Debbie, I am glad I had the chance to know you.

And Laura, wow, what a fabulous person. She had the most infectuous laugh! When she walked into a room and smiled you knew you just met a good friend. Laura also battled her second bout and it took her life as well.....She left behind a husband and two young children, You are soarly missed Laura.

It has been a few years since they both passed within a month of each other, but if you were to ask them they would tell you to schedule your mamogram, do self breast exams and that early detection is the key. I have been forever touched by these two ladies.....I am a better person for knowing them...................

I just made this card today in their honor, thank you for looking. The quote on the card reads:

"Do not be afraid of tomorrow; God is already there."

This card is currently up for vote! Visit and cast your vote!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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alli_scraps said...

Love your card!!! Beautiful!! I have a friend right now battling breast cancer..not a day goes by that I dont' think of her!