Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Here is the gang....in our home celebrating my sisters 45th birthday! She is in the pink......

Finally, our rental passed all inspections and my sister can finally move in!

This has been one long summer! We started out trying to remodel the home that was already there (mobile home) but as we dived into it we quickly realized it was to far gone.....so to the dump it went. We found another and had it moved on....after getting it all set up we saw plumbling problems...hired a guy and now it is done and I just got the final inspection! YEAH!!!

The girls and I helped my sister move some of her stuff in , she is NOT a good packer! LOL!! Onesie twosie stuff and a million trips later. I have decided at 42, I am not gonna help anyone move anymore.....HIRE SOMEONE will be my advice.

We are coming to a close for summer and I felt like it flew by and the girls didn't get to do much. I think it is because this is the first year we didn't put up a pool because of all the moving stuff...next year we definitely will. So we are off doing school shopping, shoe shopping all that fun stuff. Next week is registration which will keep us busy for a few days!

Little one gets to go to the Outreach clinic in a couple of weeks to see the progress of her spine surgery...and her legs....maybe we will learn more? Xrays are this week for that appointment....she has really become a trooper with all these visits. What a way to spend your tween years.

I have been having alot of fun with scrapping and cardmaking lately....I love to be creative and this is one way to do it! Can't wait to finally have my yardsale and get rid of a bunch of junk in my shop so I can get ahold of my fabric again! I am in a quilting mood...ususally am in the Fall, and want to make a few things.

Well cyber friends, I must get going....pencils, erasers and paper is calling me....well the kids are too! Tootles!

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