Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Glitter tutorial

Alot of people like the look of glitter but hate the mess, well I have a little tutorial to share with you on how I get my products to look Premade (from the factory!) It is No SECRET that I am a FAN of glitter!!! If I could sprinkle it on my food I would ! LOL!!! Anyhoo I can tell you this Martha Stewart puts out FABULOUS glitter and her MS Glitter Glue is great. It really holds the glitter AND you don't have that flaking you get with other glues.....so with no more waiting here is my tutorial on how to apply glitter to chipboard!!! Enjoy and have a glittery day!

Supplies: Martha Stewart Glitter, Glitter glue, Chipboard and a sheet of paper folded in half with a SHARP crease...open

Glue your chipboard piece

Sprinkle with glitter
Cover the entire piece of Chipboard

Carefully pick up the chipboard piece and tap off excess

Set piece aside to dry, before doing so I usually also press the entire piece with the bottom of glue bottle to secure glitter into place and tap again

Next Take up both sides of paper to slide the glitter into the fold

Pour the glitter back into the bottle

Beautiful looking Glitter letter!

Use your dried glitter chipboard on your layout or project! Enjoy!

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