Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tuedays Stamping challenge

Over at my favorite hangout http://theshakerbox.com I have posted the Tuesday stamping challenge....(for those of you that like links:http://www.theshakerbox.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=14324&highlight=)]

Here are the rules:

Alrighty!!! So now the new rage is Inches. What are those you ask????

You know those REALLY cute stamps that you have that are small....about an inch! What to do with those you ask? Well So glad you stopped by!

Today's Tuesday Stamping Challenge goes like this......

Use three different papers/colors
Make layers.
Sand some of your cardstock
Use ribbon
Stamp your inch stamp on small piece of paper, mount it and pop it from the card!
Stamp the sentiment on the card.

Now you cannot stamp your image directly onto the card....it must be on its own throne!!!

Good luck and please link your creation when you leave your message if you choose to participate! Thanks for looking!

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Momma Ballou said...

Hey I just wanted to let you know I finally sent you a tote and a copy of my husbamds book yesterday. I have been driving around with it in my van all ready to be mailed off for days now. Enjoy!