Friday, July 18, 2008

Sassafras and the Dirty Owl

As many of you know I am on the DT for The Shaker Box and I love it there....

We were very fortunate to have Sassafras sponser our DT team with some wonderful papers! They are funky and fresh! I love the retro feel! So I thought I would post a couple of things I have made recently for you to enjoy! And if you haven't
checked out TSB I encourage you too!!!

I do have to add a little conversation with my DH about this cute Owl card.

Me, "Hey look what I made!"
DH, "yeah, looks cute"
Me , "Thanks, I really like it"
DH, "Yeah, but I don't like the "dirt" around the owl, it doesn't need to be there"
Me, "that isn't dirt, it is what is called inking"
DH, "I know, but I don't like it"

Men!!! LOL!!!


Here is my "Dirty Owl"

This LO is about a building in Clearwater that one day had an image appear on the glass....It was an Apparition of the Virgin so cool! If you click on the picture you can really see the image. Let me know what you think!

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jami said...

I love your dirty owl. Dirt and all:)