Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Stamp Organization

Okay so I love owning stampsets, but the question is how do you store them because those plastic covers they come in always tear....well for my larger stampsets such as Hero and such I use a D-Ring binder, those huge ones along with CD sleeves I picked up at Staples office supply....2 per sheet, don't mistake it with the 4 per sleeve or they won't fit. I did have to cut down the cardboard packinging it came with to fit...just cut a little off the top and bottom. I got the idea from Jennifer McGuire....now the small stampsets I did all on my own!! WOW! Anyhoo, its just those baseball card holders (business cards too) in a regular 3 ring binder. Okay so there you have it! Enjoy!

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Sparkle said...

Hey chica,
I used B99, B97, and B95 on my bella dresses.