Monday, February 09, 2009


Right here in Boise! That's right! And what a Beautiful Ceremony! I have copied a pasted an earlier post I made on my scrappy site and wanted to share it here on my blog!!! Go BE ACTIVE!!!! MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!

What an evening! I can't express the emotions that I was feeling as I was there.....You see both of our daughters (they are biological) are Intellectually Challenged. And most of the time people stare at them trying to figure them out and we are used to it, but I also have to say most people are pretty kind and don't rush them, then there are the few...oye. Anyhoo, a little history of Special Olympics......

It was founded in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver (JFK's Sister). She hosted a Free summer camp at her home and a friend had called her stressed because she had a Special needs child and there wasn't any summer camp that would allow her to come. Eunice welcomed her in and from that point Special Olympics was born. The first games took place 9 days after her brother Robert was assassinated with only 100 spectators and 1000 particpants from just the US and Canada. And it just rolled on from there! Now , there were about 2000 participants from MANY different Countries World Wide and this is just the Winter olympics, there are many more participates in teh Summer games as well!! You have to understand the magnitude.....these games are the best of the best of Special needs....there are MILLIONS of participates This is a LARGE scale of people with many different needs. There were over 100 countries that represent the Special Olympics.....You also have to remember that in Many countries People with special needs are often Ostersized by their countries and are institutionalized in some of the most horific conditions. What Special olympics has done is LIFT those Disgraces and those preconcieved notions that these people are a lesser person...when in fact they are the opposite...the are VERY ABLE. We from the general population have ALOT we can learn from them.....they are Non Judgemental, caring, sweet, loving, athletic, intelligent and just plain wonderful! I would encourage you to check out the website:

And see what's going on here in Boise!!! The love, Spread it! Here is a small excerpt:

The 2009 World Winter Games are the largest international sporting and humanitarian event of the year, with more than 2,000 athletes from almost 100 countries, including Afghanistan, Cuba, New Zealand, Malaysia, China, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Iran and even Jamaica competing in seven winter sports from 7-13 February. For the first time athletes from Somalia, Comoro Islands and Djibouti are competing in a Special Olympics World Games.

Okay so here are some photo's of the evening:
Me and my daughter's with Tim Shriver (Eunices son , JFK's nephew....he is a WONDERFUL dedicated Man to Special Olympics!!)

Eunice Shriver Via Video

Me and my family

Our girls and Troy McClain...they were star struck! LOL!!! He is also dedicated to people with disabilities...he is an AWESOME person!!!

The Video on the screen when we first walked in

The Sea of wonderful Athletes!!!!

Let the games begin!!! The lighted CAULDRON


Momma Ballou said...

Wow what a night! Hey just a note, the caramel in my Valentine pops was too hard. I think next time I'll use the dipping caramel.

Mallory said...

Hi there! I was just searching blogs for Special Olympics and found you through that. My sister has Down Syndrome and has participated ever since I can remember. Just thought since you're someone with an interest as well, I'd ask if you'd be interested in making a pledge for me in the Polar Plunge? It's a fundraiser for the Special Olympics, and I'm trying to raise as much as possible. If you'd like to, just go to and you can make it online. If not, no big deal. Just thought I'd ask! :)